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Very successful in her first showsaison!

Victorias Spirit
by Al Milan (Al Lahab x Milena by Ibn Narav)
out of aka Vivinya (Bankurai Ibn Wahdani x Victorias Angel by TR Victor)

copyright: Reinhard Sax


Junior Class Winner & Gold-Medal Championesse C-show Kauber Platte 2014
Junior Class Winner & Silver-Medal Championesse national C-show Frankfurt 2014

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This beautiful future broodmare is available for sale!
Please ask for details!       


Victorias children back home...

In fall 2012 we had lost our gorgeous Victoria`s Angel ( TR Viktor x Asya MG by Princip).
This was a big loss and we miss this great mare a lot.

Because of unforeseen circumstances we took Gavayan & Vivinia back to our stable.
Both horses are offered for sale now.

aka Gavayan & aka Vivinya!
You will find further Information here

MARCH 2012

In September 2010 Evelyn Rueß won a Bankurai breeding at the Kreuth Show and here is the result :)

The little filly is named Marula out of Bel Maraya!

fotos copyright by Martina Leupold

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